Our Legal DIY Series

We started Just Wanna Quilt (a research podcast, available on all podcast platforms) to understand the legal issues quilters and other creatives face in both creating for their own personal use and also within a business context.  Now, we have begun our series of books:

Just Wanna Trademark. We found that too many beginning and experienced businesses had not registered their mark (the name of the business, an important phrase, product names) with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  We think that needs to change.  Why?  You build your business on a name.  We want you to protect that so that others don't swipe it from you or cause consumer confusion.  And... if you use hashtags, we want to make sure that your source identifier stays yours.   Book costs around $75 (and there's a $25 coupon right now to make it $50 - use JWQ25).  Registering your trademark with the USPTO starts at $225.  That's it.  Do the work.  Protect your brand.

Just Wanna Create: Copyright and Fair Use Strategies for Creatives. Due out in December 2019, this looks at the variety of aspects that arise when creating within a legal context.  A must for anyone creating works, whether quilting, art work, or other crafts.

Just Wanna Quilt Notebook.This book helps you track your creative process, creating a record.  Why?  It's fun, of course.  Also, if someone accuses you of infringement, you have a record.  And if you want to pursue someone, you have a record.  And it is good practice in provenance and copyright, particularly if you plan or in the future decide to enter a quilt into a show or other venue.

A Little Bit of Copyright: Just For Quilters.  A short book that explains the basics.  Perfect for a class, guild, or shop to have for their customers and members.  Wholesale pricing available upon request for orders more than 5 copies.

Just Wanna Patent.  You have an idea for an invention?  Awesome!  This book helps you explore whether your idea might qualify for a patent, preparing you for the patent application stage.  

Coming in 2020

Just Wanna Brand:  The Business and Legal Sides.  This book will look at many aspects of branding your company and products.  Stay tuned.

Just Wanna Start.  This will walk you through the basics of starting a company.

Just Wanna Contract. This will look at the basic elements of contracts, and in particular contracts for small business and creative arts.

Consulting Session.  Beginning in April 2020, we will have opportunities for consulting with business coaches in one-on-one.  More on this soon.

Classes.  We will also be offering classes beginning ini 2020, both in person and online.  If you are interested in hiring us to teach for your guild, show or other event, please contact, quiltingarmy@gmail.com.  

DISCLAIMER:  We are not your attorney.  We provide legal information.  We do not guarantee or warranty the accuracy of the information, and no attorney client relationship exists.  The Quilting Army Krewe is an LLC, and is not related or affiilated with Tulane University.  The Just Wanna Quilt project began at Tulane, but is its own legal entity under the Quilting Army Krewe. The trademark is owned by Quilting Army Krewe. The Just Wanna Quilt research project collaborates with the Copryight Research Lab and hte students at Tulane Law School for research and study of issues related to quilting. The books are gleaned from that research, but remain the intellectual property of Dr. Townsend Gard and the writers and editors of the books.  Our books are published by Limited Times, LLC for the Quilting Army Krewe, LLC.  Just Wanna Quilt is an imprint of Limited Times, LLC.