Automation - QCT5 - UP TO $1400 savings

$3,800.00 - $5,600.00

Image of Automation - QCT5 - UP TO $1400 savings

We are in LOVE with Quilter's Creative Touch 5.
Edge-to-edge? Yes!!! And so much more...

QuiltMotion Quilter's Creative Touch 5 can be added to any system, even domestics! We've been using it for the last 6 months and love it. We're using Pro, but Beginnings is great too. There's an extra package for Pro called Gold that is a subscription add on. If you purchase Pro with us, we include Gold for the first year.

BEGINNINGS: $3,800 (regularly $4,500)
PRO: $5600 (regularlry $7,000) + GOLD (free for first year) (regularly $200) (a saving of $1,400)

Sewing machine: We use a Q'nique, other domestic machines are often compatible too. Go to

What's included:
* Motor Plate: this moves the sewing machine.
* QCT5 Software (It's awesome)
* Tablet Mount

Installing the system is not difficult. You may need someone to help you lift the sewing machine onto the motor plate, but everything else is doable even on your own. The instructions are clear, and there are videos out there to help you too. And we're here to help, along with Grace Company phone support.

Two Versions: Beginnings and Pro (

Both systems have the following:
* Computer automated quilting
* Library of over 200 patterns
* Continuous rows with PantoStaker
Beginnings: 1 row at a time
Pro: map the whole quilt
* Sizing, rotating and flipping the patterns
* Batch import
* Tutorials
* Rulers and center (the best part)

* Advanced placement options
* PatternCAD (make your own patterns)
* QuiltCAD (layout of the entire quilt)
* Record your FMQ and make into patterns
* Template creation
+ Gold (first year free)
* Borders and Corners
* Virtual Longarm
* Font Stitcher
* Card Access Benefits
* Template Designer
* Fabric Compensation
* Advanced Panto Stacker
* Gold Pattern Access
* Pattern eClipse
* Multi-pattern placement

Beginnings is a great place to start. Pro (and Gold) are awesome. Gold can only be used with Pro.

Note: You will need a PC tablet (not included). Requirements: Window 7 or 8 tablet
Ideally: 1.66 GHz or faster processor
65 GB hard-drive space with at least 2 GB for
2 GB or more of RAM (4 is even better)
A full-size USB port, and a second USB port if your
system uses the USB port to charge. (This is super important)
Size: Between 10 and 12-inch screen
Internet connectivity is required (wifi)
Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher

We have a Surface Pro with 4 GB of Ram. It's a 12-inch screen, and we love it. If you are unsure, take the requirements to a tech store, and they can help you. NO APPLE COMPUTERS. Only PCs.

FREE SHIPPING! Because it is too exciting to have to pay for shipping!